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Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes

We believe in being completely professional, straightforward and reliable. Which means that we don’t promise the earth, only what we can deliver. That is why we take time to understand your requirements. By listening to your individual needs, we can then find the best candidate for you.

This we feel is why customers come back to us again and again. But of course, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Why use us?

Why use Absolute to do your recruitment? After all, you could do it all yourself? Well, we can’t stop you, but we can tell you what you’d be missing.

Firstly, using our skills, frees you up to get on with your work. And secondly we can offer you three specialised services based on years of experience.

Database Selection
Our company database will provide you with a fast and cost effective way of accessing a wide range of healthcare professionals who are currently seeking a career move. All these candidates have been fully screened by a consultant and are contacted regularly to ensure they are seeking a new role.

Once we have prepared a full candidate brief we will carry out a targeted search across our database.

Managed Advertising Campaigns
For certain appointments, we may recommend our managed advertising service. This is a particularly strong method when recruiting for senior level appointments or for multiple vacancies. It is also an excellent way of raising your brand profile.

We will take full responsibility for managing the advertising process and producing effective eye-catching recruitment ads, as well as place them in the relevant media. We use a specialised advertising agency to create the copy as well as to produce the finished ads that reflect your company’s values and culture, while at the same time promoting its image.

We can also advertise anonymously for anyone wishing to avoid publicizing their recruitment requirements.

We handle the entire process from advertisement design and media selection to the full screening of all relevant applicants, seeing the process through to successful placement of candidates.

Search & Selection
This service is a favoured approach best utilised when organisations are seeking to identify the top players in their market. Such people are in strong demand and are unlikely to be seeking a new position. We will undertake a targeted search into specific organisations based on the relevant skills and expertise.

A completely confidential service, we approach individuals on your behalf and assess their interest in your position as well as their suitability. We will then conduct a first interview, prior to you seeing them.







Database Search


.. Saves time
.. Large Current Database
.. In-depth pre-screening
.. Cost Effective
.. Rapid Response

Managed Advertising


.. Specialist Advertising Agency
.. Confidentiality if required
.. Saves valuable time
.. Selection exclusive to clients
.. Best media Selection / targeting
.. Candidates actively seeking

Search & Selection


.. Direct contact with the best candidates possible
.. In-depth research based on our sector knowledge
.. A completely confidential service
.. The most proactive form of recruitment
.. Closest thing to a guarentee
.. Find candidates not already actively seeking to move

Skills We Cover


.. Dentistry
.. General Practice (clinical)
.. Hospital Staff
.. Mental Health
.. Secondary Care Nurses
.. Allied Health Professionals
.. Hospital Surgeons
.. Laboratory Staff
.. Pharmacy
.. Ancillary Hospital Staff
.. Optometry
.. General Practitioners
.. Hospital Physicians
.. Primary Care Nurses
.. Veterinary



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